5 Mistakes That Stop Your Gaming YouTube Channel From Growing in 2023

Have you ever wondered as to why your gaming YouTube channel isn't performing as it should? Well, it might be due to some blunders underlying your YouTube strategy! Honestly, you will have to rework your channel, primarily the mistakes, before gaining massive traffic every day.

Are you worried about the mistakes that chain your YouTube channel? Not anymore, mate! Regardless of whether you are a newbie or professional gaming YouTube channel owner, you must avoid a handful of deadly pitfalls. These blunders can leash your YouTube channel irrespective of how well you are at creating gaming videos. So, here is the list of five mistakes that stop your gaming YouTube channel from growing massively. Stay tuned!

1. Did You Consider Thumbnails?

gaming channel thumbnails

A lot of pro players make this mistake and lose their chances drastically. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! It’s the blunder of not paying attention to the video thumbnails. Did you know that thumbnails create the first impression about your channel on the viewers? You cannot overlook such a crucial aspect, can you?

Remember the clear formula that thumbnails are as important as the content. You will get more clicks only if the video thumbnails are simple and creative. But avoid overdoing things. The viewers are less likely to click on a cluttered thumbnail having several details clubbed. So, less is more when considering YouTube video thumbnails. Focus on making hooking graphics with the most minimal ingredients for your gaming channel thumbnails.

Also, it applies to all your videos, new and old. You might require redoing the existing thumbnails and replacing them with engaging graphics to get higher clicks and more views. Here are the key takeaways for your reference:

  • Use minimum text for audiences to consume rapidly
  • Select bright and bold shades to grab viewers’ attention
  • Remove irrelevant information from thumbnails for the highest impact

2. Did You Do Enough Research?

Research for a gaming channel

You might be an expert in gaming but still cannot produce content that works. Woah! How’s that possible? Well, it’s because you are unaware of buzzing topics among your audiences. Undeniably, your content can be game-changing and fantastic but not useful for viewers. Similarly, many flaws might arise if you do not invest enough time in research.

But the question is "how to research gaming YouTube videos?". It's simple! You need to search for the best streaming channel that inspires you. Now, analyze the videos having the highest views and engagements on the channel.

All you need is to note down the topics and understand how these videos created massive impacts on viewers. So, here are the top things that you can do to create more researched videos for your gaming YouTube channel.

  • Identify your competitors and channels that inspire you
  • Figure out the aspects that you can improve in your competitors' videos and implement the tips in your videos
  • Understand viewer search trends on YouTube.
  • Increase your research time if your content doesn't seem to work

3. No Experiment, No Results!

experiment for gaming channel

Okay, so you found a specific gaming content working for your YouTube channel. Luckily, the content remains compelling enough to retain the existing audiences. But do you get new viewers and subscribers for your YouTube videos? Raise your ears if that’s the case! The problem lies in less experimentation probably. It’s a blunder that most gamers make in their YouTube strategy.

While experimentation might sound scary, it's the secret sauce to making exciting videos for your gaming YouTube channel. Remember that some experiment is healthy and essential to keep your channel alive and growing among gaming audiences.

You can switch to YouTube Shorts if prolonged videos are your thing. Similarly, you can try live streaming videos if recorded videos aren’t a buzz among the viewers. Work on the following points to implement experimentation and bring more engagements to your gaming YouTube channel.

  • Check out the types of gaming content your competitors publish
  • Find the most viewed videos and implement unusual strategies in your YouTube channel
  • Bring an out-of-the-box strategy, and eliminate it if you do not get desired results.

4. Are You Viewer and Subscriber-Minded?

Who doesn’t love viewers and subscribers! However, things get out of the way when you become viewer and subscriber-minded. Although subscribers are a direct way to measure your gaming channel growth, it’s not everything. You need to rethink this parameter if your channel isn’t growing as expected.

First things first! Understand that viewers and subscribers are a long-term affair in your gaming YouTube channel journey. You have to keep patience and consistently produce engaging content to gain traction and new subscribers for your work. So, divert some of your focus from subscribers and viewers towards producing better content that can go viral in minutes. Here are some hacks to create video content that hooks massive audiences in the least amount of time.

  • Release your gaming content on Mondays when viewers stay highly active
  • Never overdo ad placements in your YouTube gaming videos
  • Keep the content crisp and short to engage viewers for the longest duration
  • Add subtitles in multiple languages to let the viewers enjoy and interact with your content
  • Identify trending hashtags in your gaming niche and embed them in your new releases to attract more eyeballs.
  • Also, keep your YouTube videos relevant to the titles and thumbnails

5. Lack of Equipment - Not a Valid Reason

gaming equipments

Are you a frustrated gamer who blames lack of equipment for channel failure? You're a noob, my friend! Every professional gaming content creator begins small and has a little budget when starting a YouTube channel. Understandably, they do not have expensive microphones, premium software, and costly cameras. So, don't rush to grab expensive equipment before launching a gaming YouTube channel.

Believe it or not, you require minimal equipment to create viral gaming videos and kickstart your money-making process. Of course, you can jump from inexpensive to big-budgeted stuff as your YouTube channel grows. So, you cannot blame low-budget devices for your channel failure. You need to start afresh and rethink the mistakes that you are making in your gaming content. All you need is to conduct proper research, invest more time creating thumbnails and titles, and have the following equipment to get started.

  • Access to a gaming platform
  • Screen recording software
  • A webcam or smartphone with a camera
  • A microphone
  • A pair of headphones
  • And a peaceful room to shoot amazing gaming videos.

Wrapping Up

Now you are well aware of the fatal mistakes that gamers make while creating videos on YouTube. You require restrategizing your YouTube campaign if viewers and subscribers remain out of the league for you. Although, ensure that you keep things balanced without focusing too much on gaining subscribers. It implies that you need to create engaging content. So, invest more time researching your niche and competitors' channels to identify what works virally among your viewers.

Also, you need to appear strategically before viewers and compel them to view your mind-boggling gaming content. So, rework your video thumbnails and titles if you wish to create a buzz among your audiences. Keep things simple, pinpointed, and attractive to gain optimum engagements. Essentially, these tips will increase your interactivity and push your gaming YouTube channel towards growth. Dodge these blunders and create your gaming empire on YouTube today!

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