A Guide to Live Streaming Marketing Secrets that Every Gamer Should know in 2023

Today, live streaming platforms around the globe have an enormous daily visitor base. There are a plethora of live-streaming platforms available in different verticals, such as education, entertainment, e-commerce, personal growth and development, and, of course, gaming.

Almost all industries utilize these platforms as a great marketing medium and avail valuable benefits from its interactive sessions. However, the gaming industry has witnessed massive growth over these platforms than any other industry. Yes, you read that right! Games are now preferred as the most-watched live stream content on Twitch as well as YouTube. There are more than 73% of YouTube gamers who enjoy watching other gamers’ gameplay and strongly feel connected to the YouTube gaming community.

Because of live streaming’s great potential to attract and capture a massive audience, most businesses are embracing it rapidly. Here a question may pop up in your mind like why you should go for live streaming as you can harness the power of video marketing? Undoubtedly, video marketing has the ability to market your brand over the web by making your videos viral, sharing them among your friends, and connecting to a huge and diverse audience available on different platforms.

Without any further ado, let’s first start with:

What is Live Streaming for a Gamer?

Live Streaming for a Gamer

In simple words, live streaming is one step ahead of video marketing. If you are a gamer, you can avail the major benefit of live streaming, i.e. interactions. Yes, you can interact with your viewers in terms of chatting and discuss the game while streaming. Live streaming is an upgraded form of video marketing and is used for video broadcasting on some popular channels like Twitch and YouTube. Twitch has 15 million monthly active users who watch a total of 700,000 hours of content relating to gaming as well as non-gaming genre.

Scope of Live Streaming Marketing

By the end of 2021, live streaming is projected to be worth $70.5 billion in the industry. Plus, a huge number of brands are estimated to spend over $100 billion on live streaming services by 2023. So, if you’re a gamer, unsurprisingly you can imagine the scope of marketing your gaming-related live stream. It’s high time to invest in your live streaming and its marketing.

Let's understand more clearly that why you should use live streaming marketing, or why to adopt live streaming in your marketing strategy, or what benefits you will reap from it as a gamer. Read on to first learn the following:

Why Should You Use Live Streaming?

With live streaming, you can engage with your viewers at a more personal level by means of a casual chat. Plus, it allows you to present some unique aspects of your game like:

Game Play

As a marketing strategy or secret, live streaming is mainly used to present your gameplay and gaming skills to the outer world. Let your friends, teammates, or the streamers (you work with) give feedback on various facets of your game’s experience, such as how you play with a character in your game, how you interact with the real world, and so on. Your target viewers are only interested in seeing how your game feels, looks and plays. Thus, live streaming can be used as a great option to display your gameplay.

Live Q&A and Chat Sessions

You might have noticed a side chat bar on many live streaming platforms where you can give feedback on the gameplay or interact with the streamer. Undoubtedly, it is the top-notch method to engage with your audience while streaming live. You should also embed such 3rd party tools (like chatbots) into your channel so as to build an invisible emotional connection between you and your targeted gaming community.

Furthermore, live questions and answers make your live sessions more engaging and valuable for your audience, as a result, you can enhance your brand’s visibility as well as productivity. Many people can benefit from the response you or your streamer provide. One of the key advantages of live streaming is its interactive aspect.

Marketing Tactics to Use Before a Live to Boost Productivity

Marketing Tactics to Use Before a Live to Boost Productivity

Creating an impressive intro, engaging call-to-actions, remarkable outros, and defined goal of your live session are some key marketing tactics that will make your live streaming success. However, if you wish to partner with an influencer, they’ll have already set with it.

Live Streaming Platform - What should I Choose?

Twitch and YouTube are the most popular live-streaming platforms where you will surely find your players. Twitch holds the largest market share compared to other video game streaming platforms. Moreover, you can also prefer YouTube gaming to earn more revenue in tune with Google AdSense services. In addition, there is another video game broadcast service, i.e. the developer’s stream on Steam (based on open source technology) that allows gamers to come live or show off pre-recorded video sessions.

To grab new viewers or to retain your present audience, it is vital to boost your discoverability around numerous channels. Make use of your live stream’s snippets across different social media platforms as well as across your website. Now, let’s focus on how to live stream.

How to Create a Live Streaming Strategy?

How to Create a Live Streaming Strategy

Emphasis on “Live”

Be focused on live stream planning instead of polishing it. While streaming live, you may experience some unexpected questions or feedbacks. For example, if there is a video lag, your viewers notify you. Accept it politely and assure them that will not reoccur in the future. In addition, don’t ignore to add a call-to-action and get ready in advance for any technical issue while streaming. If you make yourself completely ready for all the best and worst while streaming live, you’re on your toes to turn your live stream into a success.

Collaborate with Influencers

Great influencers have numerous viewers, connections, or a huge follower/fan base that they’ve earned by their years of efforts and hard works. Collaborate with such influencers (especially those that play games similar to yours) and let them speak for you. If an influencer does a live stream promotion of your game, your game may create a viral buzz.  For instance, Fortnite game has experienced so much popularity because of its viral gameplay videos.

Stay Audience-focused

Let your audience know that you’re streaming live only for them. Make use of visually appealing or creative gaming content, contests, or other exciting things to attract and involve more audiences.

Fun-filled Interactions

Your live streaming should be entertaining to you as well as your audience. It should be equipped with fun-filled interactions to attract your audience. Make sure to add a great touch of liveliness in your live stream to reach, entertain and involve more viewers around the web.

Getting Live Streaming Marketing Right

Getting Live Streaming Marketing RightBeing an indispensable part of your gaming content marketing strategy, live streaming also responsible for your business's overall health. And, undoubtedly, you can’t just kick start live streaming without a marketing strategy.

Fortunately, we’ve got all the streaming marketing secrets for you here: https://www.youtube.com/c/LASCurry (covering everything from top streaming strategies, to how to improve stream design, to how to build community, and more)

Live streaming with the right marketing strategy can make your game engaging and discoverable among the plethora of games already available on the market.

At Stream Designz, we will guide you on how to market your live stream in the best way so that you can easily grow your views as well as income to go full time. We have already trained more than 20,000 streamers to grow their views and subscriber base on live streaming platforms. If you have any query related to live streaming or you’re interested in starting a career as a live streamer, contact us today, and let's get started.

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