How to Set Up Panels on Kick

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up professional looking panels on Kick. Let’s go ahead and get started!

Step 1: Get Logged in to Your Kick Account

First things first, head over to and get logged in. If you don’t already have an account, now is the time to set one up.

Step 2: Adding Your First Panel

Once you’re logged in, click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

Selecting Profile Icon on Kick

From the drop-down menu, select ‘Channel’.

Selecting your channel on Kick

That should bring you to a page that looks similar to the one below.

This is what your page should look like on Kick

Then, select the ‘About’ tab. This is going to bring you to your panels.

Selecting the about tab on Kick

Select ‘Edit Panel’ and you’ll see that this will bring up a little box where you can add a title, an image, image links, and a description.

Editing your panel on Kick

Let’s start by pressing ‘Add Image’. This will ask you to input the panel graphic that you have.

If you do not have panels already, I would highly recommend using some from Stream Designz; there are lots of high-quality, professional, and unique panels for you to choose from. I will be using the ‘Project Zero’ Panels from Stream Designz during this tutorial.

Stream Designz Project Zero Panels Package Thumbnail

Stream Designz Project Zero Panels Package Preview Picture

This panel package will give you all of the panels for ‘About Me’, ‘Discord’, ‘Donate’, ‘Gear’, ‘Rules’, ‘Schedule’, and ‘Socials’.

Once you’ve chosen your panels, go ahead and download them from Stream Designz before heading back over to Kick.

Select ‘Add Image’. Since these will download as a zip file, we have to unzip them.

Unzipping your Stream Designz package

On a Mac, all you need to do is double-click the file and it will create a folder. On a Windows computer, right-click the zip file, and press ‘Extract’. This will create the file for you. Once you have the folder, all of the files will show up.

Viewing the Panels on your computer

Now, you’ll learn how to set these up. Once you know how to set one of them up, the rest follow the same steps.

The first one that we will start off with is the ‘About Me’ panel. Select the file and open it inside the ‘Add Image’ feature on Kick. After you hit ‘Open’, you’ll see that it’s there, and then just hit ‘Save’. This will go ahead and add it to the new panel box.

Since we want to make this image clickable, we have to add a link to it. This is a great time to input your social media accounts or to any link where people can find you. For this tutorial, I’m using my link for people who want some coaching.

Adding a link to your panels on kick 
Next, add a description. This just needs to be a little bit of information about who you are, what your stream is about, why you started streaming, and why you want to get people involved in what it is that you’re trying to do. I’m just going to paste in a description and then hit ‘Add’.

You can see that once you press ‘Add’, a second panel box will appear next to the one that we just created. 

Adding a second panel on kick

First, if you want to see what the panel that you’ve just created looks like, you have to press cancel. This will take you to the user-view and you can see exactly how the panels look.

Seeing how your panels look after you've uploaded them on kick

You can even see that when you click on ‘About Me’, it will take you to the page that you linked.

Step 3: Adding Your Second Panel

To get started on adding your second panel, click ‘Edit Panels’ and then press the plus (+) icon.

Select ‘Add Image’. For the second one, I’ll be doing ‘Gear’. This is a great way to earn some additional money by putting in the gear that you are utilizing and tagging it with an affiliate link.

Next, we do the same as before where we include a link to make it a clickable button. I will be using the link to my shop which shows all of the streaming gear that I use.

For the description, I’m going to just add some more information about what the gear is and where you can find it.

Adding a description to your panels on kick

After adding these three things, click ‘Add’. There’s no need to add a ‘Panel Title’ since the panel graphic includes the name.

Step 4: Adding your Third Panel

For the third panel, we’ll be adding ‘Socials’. You want people to be able to find you on your social media accounts so that you can build even more of a community.

Press the plus (+) sign again to add the third panel. Once it appears, click ‘Add Image’ and find the graphic that says ‘Socials’.

For the link, I would recommend that you include the social media account that you are the most active on.

Even for your socials, it’s important to add a bit of a description. Give your viewers some information on why they should check out your social media accounts. 

Adding a description to your socials panel on kick

Then, simply click ‘Add’ again.

Step 5: Adding Another Panel

Let’s add one more panel - Discord. Again, you want to be building your community outside of your streams. You want people to not only keep coming back but to interact with your content. By adding your Discord, you can communicate with, and interact with your community.

Just like the others, go to ‘Add Image’ and find the file that says ‘Discord’. Add the link to your Discord account, and include a description about why people should join your Discord. 

Adding more panels to kick

Step 6: Checking Over Everything

If you hit ‘Cancel’ again, it will take you back to the main screen where you can see all of your panels.

Viewing all of your uploaded panels on kick

If you try clicking on the ‘About Me’ button, it should take you to the site that you chose.

If you click on ‘Gear’, it should take you to a site that shows all of the gear that you use to stream.

If you click on ‘Socials’, it should take you to your most active social media site.

Lastly, if you click ‘Discord’, it should take you to your Discord profile.

If each of these is working for you, then there’s just one more that you need to add!

Step 7: Adding Your Donations Panel

Adding the donations panel is a bit different than the others.

Click ‘Add Image’ and select the file that says ‘Donations’.

Adding donations panel to kick

For the link, you’ll need to include your Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, or some website where people can send you donations. There are a few other steps to do so, but you can follow this easy and quick video tutorial in order to finish adding your donations panel.

By adding professional, sleek panels to your Kick, you’re going to increase the likelihood that people interact with your panels. This will in turn help to build your community, keep viewers returning, and drive community engagement.

Be sure to check out all of the panel overlays that Stream Designz has to offer. These will surely take your Kick streams up a notch.

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