How to Stream to Kick on PC using Streamlabs

This tutorial is going to show you how to easily stream to Kick on PC using Streamlabs. Let’s go ahead and get started!

Step 1: Open Streamlabs on your Desktop

The first thing that you need to do is open Streamlabs on your desktop. If you do not have this downloaded already, you can do so here.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Once you have this running, you’re going to want to go to where it says ‘Settings’. This can be found on the bottom-left-hand side.
 Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 2

This is how we’re going to be able to connect Streamlabs to Kick in order to stream. Before doing that, you need to make sure that your video settings are correct so that you can have the highest quality stream.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Video Settings

On the left-hand side of settings, you have a lot of different options for adjusting different settings, but we’re going to start out by going to ‘Video’.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 3 
Three of these settings are very important to have the highest quality stream on Kick.

Here’s a simple checklist for you to match your settings to:

  • Base (Canvas) Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Output (Scale) Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Common FPS Values: 60

Once these match, you can move on to changing your stream settings.

Step 4: Adjusting your Stream Settings and connecting Kick

If you look back towards the left-hand side of the settings, you’ll need to go now to where it says ‘Stream’. This is how we’re actually going to connect Streamlabs to Kick.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 4A

By default, the ‘Stream Type’ will say ‘Streaming Service’, but you need to change this to  ‘Custom Streaming Service’. By changing this, it will now ask you for a Stream URL and a Stream Key.

In order to get these, you’ll need to head over to

After logging into Kick, click on your icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 4B

This will give you a drop-down menu from which you will need to select ‘Settings’.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 4C

After selecting this, click ‘Stream Key’ on the left-hand side.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 4D

All you need to do is copy the Stream Url and the Stream Key on Kick and head back over to Streamlabs.
 Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 4E

Note: It is very important that you do not share your stream key with anyone. If someone gets a hold of this, it would allow them to stream on your behalf.

Once you’re back on Streamlabs, paste the Stream URL and the Stream Key into their respective spots in the settings, and select ‘Done’. Now, your Kick is connected to Streamlabs!

We still have a few more things to check in settings to make sure that they are correct. If some of your settings aren’t right, you risk having a choppy stream.

Step 5: Adjusting your Output Settings

Head back into your Settings menu and select ‘Output’.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 5A

Go to ‘Output Mode’ and choose ‘Advanced’.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 5B

The most important thing for you to focus on is ‘CBR’ which is found under ‘Rate Control’.
Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 5C

Below ‘CBR’ is going to be your bit rate and it will determine the quality of the stream that you push out to Kick.

To decide what you can put here, a bitrate of 6,000 is usually going to be the safe spot. However, this all depends on your internet speed.

To find out if your internet will allow for 6,000, head to All you do is press ‘Go’ and it will give you a ‘Download Speed’ and an “Upload Speed’. We need to focus on the ‘Upload Speed’.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 5D

If your ‘Upload Speed’ is 12 or more, then you can utilize the 6,000 Bitrate.

You’ll also want to make your ‘Keyframe Interval’ be ‘2’. Change your ‘Profile’ to ‘High. You should also change your ‘Encoder’ to match your computer's hardware encoder, or you can leave it as ‘Software x264’. This is all just to make sure that you have the best-looking stream.
Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 5E

Once all of this is corrected, select ‘Done’.

Step 6: Confirm that Streamlabs is Connected to Kick

Head back to your main screen on Streamlabs and select ‘Go Live’ in the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen.

It will change to say ‘Starting’ and then ‘End Stream’. Before pressing that, head back over to Kick to ensure that the connection is working.

To do this, click on your profile icon again, then select ‘Channel’.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 6A

It will tell you on this screen if you are live.

Kick on pc using streamlabs - Step 6B

You can also see here that the stream has a great quality and resolution.

Now that you’ve ensured that they are connected, all that’s left to do is go back over to Streamlabs and end the stream.

To follow along with a video tutorial of this, click here!

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