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Stinger Transitions - "Eye of the Tiger"

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Product Description
Best animated stinger transitions scenes for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook gaming. This "Eye of the Tiger" stinger transition will level up your live streams, helping you keep your viewers engaged. 

Our Stinger Transitions Work Perfectly With

When Do You Use a Stinger Transition?

A stinger transition is best used when switching scenes in tools like OBS Studio, Streamlabs or Streamelements.

Select various stinger transition color designs to find the one that best fits your live stream.

What's Included in Your Download 

✅ Instant Access To Download in .zip format
✅ 1 Stinger Transition Overlay in 1920x1080 size
✅ 1 mp4 file format (which is compatible with all major streaming platforms)
✅ 1 Text Document (providing instructions on using your downloaded file)

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How to Setup Stinger Transition

1️⃣ Download Stinger Transition zip file
2️⃣ Unzip the download to gain access to files
3️⃣ Open streaming software (OBS or Streamlabs)
4️⃣ Under "Scene Transitions" Select Dropdown & Pick Stinger"
5️⃣ Click on Gear Icon & Select Properties
6️⃣ Upload mp4 file & you are good to go!

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How to Setup a Stinger Transition in OBS Studio