Getting Started with Xbox series s/x Streaming – Best Streaming Equipments for Xbox series s/x

Whether you've done live-streaming before or are just getting started, entering into a constantly changing live streaming community might be intimidating for you. Continuous hardware and software upgrades may make live broadcasting feel like a mountain with no top: it's hard to know where to kick start, when to upgrade your gear or streaming equipment, or how to maximize what you've already got. Here we will go over Streaming Marketing Secrets’ approach to getting your very first broadcasting up and running on an Xbox series s/x in this blog.

Live broadcasting on a console differs significantly from streaming on a computer or PC. While more sophisticated console configurations may need the use of an Elgato capture card (through a PC) in line with OBS's more advanced features, this guide focuses on a very basic setup, and those buildable aspects will be addressed in a more in-depth blog at a later date.

The procedure is streamlined with an Xbox series s/x: there is a reduced initial expenditure, which is ideal for novices. It also takes less equipment to get up and running. Streaming on an Xbox series s/x also simplifies voice communication. In addition to it, Xbox series s/x's built-in team and group chat features eliminate the need for a separate office or place for streaming. Moreover, as streaming on a console is not a cup of tea for everyone, it’s vital to understand what goes into setting up and launching the very first live stream.

Best Streaming Equipments for Xbox

Streaming Marketing Secrets Recommends

We at Streaming Marketing Secrets have served thousands of streamers to enhance their live streaming experiences on many different social medial platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others and helped them to expand their fan base. But here in this blog, we will first go over the fundamental gear or equipment that we believe every streamer should have, as well as why it's beneficial. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it:


headphones for streaming

As we all know good sound is so important for successful gaming, having an audio solution that may provide a competitive advantage is perfect for streaming. Aside from the Xbox, the first element of the jigsaw is, of course, a nice headset. The solo A40 TR Headset is the best recommendation to go with. This headset is designed specifically for gaming audio, with less bass and more low- and mid-tones for clear, realistic in-game signals like footsteps and weapon reloading. For a more immersive, cinematic audio experience, this headset can also offer Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic spatial audio.

Furthermore, the unidirectional boom microphone on the A40 TR allows for vocal contact with both the team members as well as audience members. A MixAmp Pro TR may be added to the setup for extra capabilities including Game Voice Balance, configurable EQ settings, and a Spotify playlist for viewers. The MixAmp Pro TR allows players to tweak unique audio parameters such as noise gate and side-tone. In order to use the playlist feature, you need to connect a smartphone to the MixAmp Pro TR using a 3.5mm connection.


Stream Webcam

Your webcam is also an important part of effective streaming. A streamer's success has been proven to be aided by just presenting a picture of who is playing and what is being played. People get more engaged with the streamer and the surrounding community when they witness another person chatting and reacting. Why is it so crucial to be noticed? In a nutshell, it is branding.

Streamers need to have a strong branding or brand image. Broadcasters usually rely on their unique personalities to set themselves different from other streamers. A streamer's face is a big component of their brand: they're instantly identifiable by sight. In today’s world of identical video games, a streamer's brand distinguishes the same game that everyone else is playing. A high-quality webcam is essential for establishing a distinct brand in today’s ever-growing industry and standing above the rest streaming world.

As a third-party USB video option for streaming with an Xbox series s/x, you can go for Logitech's C922 Pro Stream Webcam. With a choice of 1080p or smooth HD 720p at 60 frames per second, the Logitech C922 enables true-to-life streaming and recording. Most people like this camera because it's inexpensive, high-quality, and simple to set up. It's available at major shops and online. Because of its widespread availability and extensive usage, information on how to set it up and optimize is easily accessible as well.


As you know 4K is still gaining traction, we expect it to grow in popularity as hardware improves. However, 4K is not yet optimized for Xbox series s/x. Even if a camera supports 4K, the Xbox series s/x will only handle 1080p, severely restricting the webcam's full capability. The Logitech BRIO 4K Pro Camera webcam is a good choice if you want to upgrade to PC capture at some time.

Proper Lighting

Lighting for streaming

Having proper lighting is an often overlooked aspect of streaming that, if not provided, may be a cause of great annoyance for viewers. More light enhances a webcam's capacity to pick up clear footage and eliminate undesirable shadows, thus several lighting sources are suggested. Moreover, if you're going to use a green screen, you'll need an extra light source merely to illuminate it: the aim is color consistency and wrinkle-free skin.

Major Platforms for Live Streaming

Finally, while not hardware, individuals may live stream by creating an account with one of numerous streaming service platform alternatives., YouTube, and Facebook all these platforms provide streaming services; however, these sites are not as user-friendly as Twitch for native Xbox users and also offer live-streaming services.


In this part, we'll go over the audio and video setup instructions, as well as some quick setup instructions for Twitch (as an example for you).

A40 TR

Here you need to connect a 3.5mm wire from the A40 TR Headset to the Xbox series s/x to set up a standalone A40 TR Headset with the Xbox series s/x. Any 3.5mm port headset will work fine with this configuration.

To set up the A40 TR with MixAmp Pro TR, follow these steps:

  1. Connect one end of the micro USB cord to the rear of the MixAmp Pro TR and the other end to the back of the Xbox series s/x using the micro USB cable.
  2. Now, connect one end of the Optical cord to the MixAmp Pro TR's back, then the other end to the Xbox series s/x's back.
  3. Next step is to connect one end of the inline cable to the A40 Headset and the other to the MixAmp Pro TR's inline connector.


While broadcasting, you'll require a webcam that supports the YUY2 or NV12 formats. This format is found on most Logitech and Microsoft LifeCam cameras. Check with the manufacturer if you're not sure what format your webcam uses. To use a webcam to broadcast:

  1. Connect your Xbox to your USB webcam.
  2. Now, you need to double check that you've enabled sharing content with Kinect or another camera while looking into Privacy & Online safety>> Xbox Live Privacy >>View details & customize >>Game content.
  3. To access the instructions, press the Xbox button, then select Broadcast & capture >> Set up your broadcast.
  4. Now, turn on the camera toggle.
  5. Next step to crop your camera feed picture and determine where your camera feed should appear on the screen, go to Change camera settings.

Wrapping up

It's pretty simple for an Xbox series s/x user. A webcam and a headset are all you'll need. Starting with a Logitech C920s HD Pro Webcam is a good place to start. Any Logitech camera should be fine to opt for, but the Logitech C920s Pro Webcam has shown to be the most reliable. However, in terms of headsets, an Astro a10s comes highly recommended. It's an excellent gaming headset with excellent sound, a sturdy construction, and a dependable microphone. In terms of software, all you have to do is download Twitch from the Xbox Store and you're ready to go.

Now, you have all the essentials or best streaming equipment to stream on Twitch, YouTube, etc. In simple words, it’s not difficult to start streaming; it's simply a matter of getting started. To begin streaming, you don't require the best out of best equipment. We hope that this information has been helpful to anybody considering streaming.

At Streaming Marketing Secrets, we can also support you how to market your live stream effectively so that you may simply increase your views and revenue to the point where you can work full-time. More than 20,000 streamers have already been taught to increase their viewership and subscription base on live streaming platforms. If you have any further questions, please visit us at or you can even join our SMSU (Streaming Marketing Secrets University), and we'll be delighted to assist you with your streaming related needs or queries.

Best of luck out there, from SMSU!

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